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Heat Recovery System

The type of installation carried out  by us in the installation of  a HRV system is as follows.

We install a manifold ducted system, where we install individual 100 diameter ducts to each room and bring them back to 2no manifolds, one for the supply air in and one for the exhaust air out of the house.

These ducts are insulated in cold voids and attics and non insulated once below the heated envelope of the house.

Each branch is connected to the manifold with a 1m acoustic flexible connection. This systems uses more pipe and fittings than a straight through system, but with this type of system you will get proper balanced air flows through out the house and no noise transference from different rooms.

We use a specific vent for the supply air which push the air across the ceiling and lets it disperse gently so you will not feel any draught.

I point this out because many of my competitors don’t use this type of system. It is most important that the first fix of the ducting is done correctly as once the house is finished it will be impossible to change and therefore balance properly.